Istituto Stomatologico Toscano

Istituto Stomatologico Toscano founded in 1990 by Prof. Ugo Covani, is a non-profit foundation for clinic research and high education in dentistry. It organizes post graduate traning programs and refresher courses to dentists and dental hygenists as well as training for paramedics, using the wealth of experience almost 20 years of the courses, organized by many of the professionals working in the structure.

This educational activity is carried out through theoretical courses in classroom and where applicable by practical exercises on simulators, as well as through the programmed frequency and guided clinical activities. The programs involve almost all dental disciplines and with the participation of great, qualified speakers, both Italian and international. The programs address the most interesting topics of modern dentistry: Implantology, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, Digital Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Oral Hygiene, Computer Guided Implantology, Regenerative and Reconstructive Bone Surgery, etc…

The educational activities of the institute take place in part of the university and are accomplished trough partnerships and / or agreements with Italian and foreign universities. University programs are carried out in collaboration with the university of PISA - Italy, university of GENOVA – Italy, the university Guglielmo Marconi of ROME - Italy, University of Buffalo – USA, Marconi International – USA. University programs spreads from high training courses - lasting a few days advanced courses – generally lasting for more meetings and master programs lasting one academic year.

Istituto Stomatologico Italiano

The Italian Dental Institute represents the history of Italian Dentistry since 1908. Since its foundation it has been a point of reference for doctors and dentists: a training center, a catalyst for important specialists in the dental field and maxillofacial, a research scientific compass. At the center of all the activities carried out by ISI are patients, who can benefit from high-level specialist care and have the opinion and support of highly qualified professionals. In particular, the Cooperative, pursuant to article 4 of the Statute, has as its object the following activities:

1. Organize health and social services for the prevention and treatment of both outpatient and inpatient settings in the medical field and mainly for diseases of the mouth and teeth, as well as for maxillofacial surgery; 2. Provide directly or in agreement teaching courses to those graduates in Medicine and Surgery who intend to perfect themselves in Odontostomatology, Maxillofacial Surgery and related branches; to establish and manage, in accordance with the laws, schools and study cycles for undergraduates and graduates in dentistry;

3. Promote the institution and participate in the management of degree courses, university departments or faculties; 4. Establish and conduct study courses, seminars, etc. at a high international level for graduates and dentistry specialists, for the in-depth study of treatment methods and technical-scientific interventions followed by the best International Schools; 5. Establish relationships and enter into agreements with universities and institutes or scientific research centers in order to favor the achievement of the purposes referred to in the previous letters, contributing, where necessary, to supporting in whole or in part, in competition with the State and with others Entities, the cost of related initiatives; It follows that the strategic objectives of ISI materialize in making a coherent approach towards the patient, towards the community, towards the clinical and organizational structure in general and, finally, towards the associations. The choice to become a Social Cooperative is the testimony of ISI's attention to the fundamental value that is the centrality of the person that is manifested through the promotion of participation and involvement, the encounter between the skills and the needs of patients.

Dental Research

Constantly improve the practice odontostomatologico

Stomatologico toscano institute is active in the field of clinical research is to through a careful critical evaluation constantly improve practice odonstomatologico the result obtainedso as to transfer to the daily practice and the international scientific community the results of their experience.

Alongside clinical research activity the institute is involved in applied basic research in dentistry and realizes that business through collaboration with the board of biophysics at the university of genoa with whom has entered into collaboration agreements.

Such research involves in general the study of materials for dental use and the study of technological applications in dentistry with and emphasis on the study and development of innovative systems in the field of implantology and advanced technologies in bone reconstruction. numerous publications in national and international journals that involve institute stomatologico tyrrhenianand / or its researchers (see bibliography).

Within the institute stomatologico toscano was born now an oral hygiene research centre with the aim to coordinate and stimulate stimulate activity in order to identify and test new procedures and new materials in the field of reference and test in clinical activities as the market offers. the center, directed by. dr. annamaria genovesi, aims to stimulate the growth of a research activity that arises from dental hygienists and places itself at the service of hygienists themselves and of exercihing a stimulus to the scientific progress of the discipline that en up having adequate translational effects in clinical everyday basis.

Follow the worldwide experts

Prof. Ugo Covani

Surgeon Specialist in Surgery and Stomatology Full Professor Holder of the Teachings of Implantology and Prosthodontics at the University of Pisa

Dr. Giovanni Battista Menchini Fabris

Specialist in Surgery Odontostomatology PhD in Surgical Sciences

Prof. Luigi Rubino

Dentist Specialist in Oral Surgery Functional Head of conservative dental therapies

Dr. Giacomo Derchi

PhD in Nanobiotechnology The Emergency Dental Service Manager

Dr. Stefano Santini

Surgeon Specialist in Dentistry Professor in the Master of Implantoprotesi University of Pisa Functional Head of Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Pedetta Francesco

Doctor in Dentistry Specialist in Orthodontics

Prof. Annamaria Genovesi

Doctor in Dental Hygiene Dottere Science in the health professions Adjunct Professor of Bachelor of Science in Dental

Prof. Attilio Castaldo

Surgeon Specialist in Dentistry Specialist in Orthodontics at Boston University (USA) Appointed Teaching Associate Professor of Orthodontics

Dr. Simone Marconcini

Doctor of Dentistry PhD in Nanobiotechnology Research Assistant

Dr. Filippo Moggia

Doctor of Dentistry Head of Dental Service of disability and handicap

Dr. Vittorio Pacini

Surgeon Specialist in Dentistry Head of Oral pathology clinic

Dr. Luca Vannucci

Doctor of Dentistry Specialist in Dentistry

Dr. Francesca Covani

Doctor in Dental Hygiene Dental hygienist

Dr. Chiara Lorenzi

Doctor in Dental Hygiene Dental hygienist

Dr. Maria Pina Dessì

Doctor in Dental Hygiene Dental hygienist

Dr. Rachele Bagnoli

Doctor in Dental Hygiene Dental hygienist

Prof. Mario Bosco

Surgeon Specialist in Dentistry Appointed Teaching Professor of Prosthodontics

Dr. Luca Lettieri

Doctor in Dental Hygiene Dental Hygienist

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